GLAD Trash Bags

Product information and a refreshed Glad logo are printed with traditional oil-based inks on the last trash bag in the roll, which is no longer kept in a box. The last bag is the package itself, leaving no extra trash when it gets used.


Currently, brand identity and marketing material are printed on a heavy-weight paperboard box that holds the roll of bags. This box is used (somewhat unsuccessfully) as a dispenser, until it is eventually trashed.


In this refresh, visual elements are limited to the most important information: the brand, the style and size of the product, and the number included. This information is all printed directly on the last bag, which holds the others together, and eliminates the need for an extra layer of packaging.




Bags are pulled from the center and used, one-by-one. The label is printed on the last bag with traditional oil-based inks, so it will remain permanent until the end. This bag carries the product information, reminding the consumer what they need to get more of.


Every solution features an insignia that both identifies it as a Disappearing Package (building brand recognition) and clearly instructs the consumer on how to disappear it.