Tide PODs

The package itself is a sheet of laundry pods stitched together, printed using soap-soluble ink. The POD plastic is, just like in the existing product, water-soluble. Consumers tear off each POD and use one-by-one. With the last POD, the package itself is gone.


The primary packaging is a flexible plastic bag that, while product remains, serves as re-usable container. However, it becomes totally worthless when empty and will be tossed.


PODs, instead of being stored loose, are stitched together into a perforated sheet. Product details and brand information are then printed directly onto this sheet. All inks are water-soluble, and dissolve in the wash (just like soap dyes).


The customer tears off PODs one-at-a-time as needed, simply tossing the POD directly into the wash. All parts of the packaging dissolve safely. When the last POD has been used, the package is gone. No waste to throw away.



Every solution features an insignia that both identifies it as a Disappearing Package (building brand recognition) and clearly instructs the consumer on how to disappear it.